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Eiotclub USA Prepaid 4G SIM Card Data - Seamlessly Connect Your IoT Devices with Supported Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile

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  • Support Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.
  • Fast and Reliable Data.
  • No Contracts, No Hidden Fees.
  • Flexible Plans for IoT Devices.
  • Easy Renewal Anytime.
  • Secure Online Ordering and Support.
  • Your Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Data Only, Not support talk & text service(no phone number)
  • A new card with a service plan, not a data refill, valid from first use
Triple Play Network Triple Play Network

Triple Play Network

4G High-Speed Data 4G High-Speed Data

4G High-Speed Data

No Extra Fees No Extra Fees

No Extra Fees


Network Support by EIOTCLUB SIM Card

verizon verizon
T Mobile T Mobile
Superior Network Coverage

Superior Network Coverage

Experience exceptional network coverage with our 4G Data-Only Prepaid IoT SIM card. Stay reliably connected, even in remote and challenging industrial environments. Our SIM card ensures continuous, high-quality communication services worldwide. Rely on our robust and stable network connection wherever you are.

Data plans customized

Tailor your data plan with EIOTCLUB to meet your specific needs. Unlock a generous 24GB of high-speed data, valid for a year, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout. Experience 4G speeds on our reliable network. Stay effortlessly connected with EIOTCLUB, fulfilling all your diverse data requirements

Data plans customized
Flexible Prepaid SIM Cards

Flexible Prepaid SIM Cards

EIOTCLUB offers a flexible and convenient 4G data-only prepaid SIM card. Say goodbye to long-term contracts and monthly bills, and enjoy the freedom to stay connected on your terms. Whether you're a frequent traveler, or student, or prefer prepaid convenience, EIOTCLUB provides a stable connection with full control over usage and costs.

Family & Business Shared Plan: 10 SIMs, One Bill!

Get our all-in-one Shared Plan, tailored for US families and small businesses. Connect up to 10 SIM cards with one data plan, making it simple to keep everyone online. Enjoy streamlined billing and stay connected without the hassle. Perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle! Sign up now and simplify your mobile life!

What devices does Prepaid SIM Card support?

Our Prepaid SIM Card simplifies connecting IoT and M2M devices.
It caters to various needs, such as solar cameras, trail cameras, routers, GPS trackers, and more. Our strong network coverage ensures high performance globally.

What devices does Prepaid SIM Card support? What devices does Prepaid SIM Card support?

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Simple Activation

Insert the card into the device correctly Insert the card into the device correctly

Insert the card into the device correctly

Restart the device Restart the device

Restart the device

Activate successful Activate successful

Activate successful

Pick the right one for you

Network Support ATT / T-mobie ATT / T-mobile/ Verizon
Price $5/$15/$109 $5.99/$19.9/$139.99
Data 300MB/2GB/24GB 100MB/2GB/24GB
Scenario Common household, outdoor, construction, etc Involve more remote places like jungle
Network Band B2,B4,B5,B12,B14,B17, B25,B26,B30,B66,B71 B2,B4,B5,B12,B13,B14, B17,B25,B26,B30,B66,B71
Country United States United States
Double Network Triple-play Network
Network Support
ATT / T-mobie
Network Support
ATT / T-mobile/ Verizon
Common household, outdoor, construction, etc
Involve more remote places like jungle
Network Band
B2,B4,B5,B12,B14,B17, B25,B26,B30,B66,B71
Network Band
B2,B4,B5,B12,B13,B14, B17,B25,B26,B30,B66,B71
United States
United States


A prepaid SIM card is a SIM card that allows users to pay for mobile services in advance. Unlike traditional postpaid plans where the user pays at the end of the billing cycle, prepaid SIM cards require the user to purchase credit up front. This credit is then only used to access data services. Prepaid SIM cards offer flexibility and control over usage, as users can top up credit as needed to monitor and manage their spending. They are typically used by travelers, individuals on a budget, or those who don't want to be tied down to a long-term contract.

Yes, you can easily monitor your data usage through our online portal https://www.eiotclub.com/pages/refill or EIOTCLUB APP. This enables you to stay informed about your usage patterns and manage your data effectively.
Activating your SIM card is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. Just plug in your device, and it can be used without prior activation. Then, insert the ELOT CLUB SIM card into your device and restart it. That's it! If you need assistance along the way, feel free to reach out to us using the customer service button at the bottom right corner of the page

Our SIM cards automatically select the best local network for optimal connectivity. However, if you prefer to use a specific network such as AT&T or T-Mobile, you can easily contact our customer service to request a switch. We are here to ensure you have the network that best suits your needs.

You can conveniently add data to your SIM card online without the need to remove the SIM card. Our user-friendly online platform allows you to effortlessly manage and top up your data plan. Experience hassle-free data updates and stay connected whenever you need it, all without the inconvenience of removing your SIM card.

No, with EIOTCLUB, you can enjoy significantly lower costs compared to T-Mobile.
While T-Mobile charges $50 per month, you only need to purchase $10 for a 2GB data plan that lasts for one month with EIOTCLUB.
The highest amount you'll pay in a month with EIOTCLUB is $20.
The best part is, you'll receive the same coverage as you did with T-Mobile.
Experience affordable pricing and reliable coverage with EIOTCLUB for your camera SIM card needs..

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Kevin Weatherford

I still have not received my order, it says it is in transit from New Jersey for many days now.

Comprehensive tool!

So far I’m impressed with the service, looks easy to renew, easy to check on remaining data…time will tell !

Thomas Chapman
Eiotclub simm card

What a great feature for CELLULAR security camera. WORKS FANTASTIC.

Jorge De La Torre
Best way to manage multiple data only devices

I like the model I like the way you guys make this really easy to manage many different data only devices

Glenn Goodlett
Best thing since sliced bread

I use the card to get NTRIP data for RTK corrections on a DJI enterprise drone. Having the ability to pick the carrier with the best signal is a game changer when working in remote areas.

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