10.20 EU 说明书

    SIM Card REFILL Steps
    NOTE: To avoid the service interruptions, you must REFILL your data plan before your current plan expires
    Step 1: Visit: https://sim.eiotclub.com/1
    Step 2: Enter SIM card ICCID number
    Step 3: Choose the plan you like

    How to configure your device?
    1.Just insert the sim card to your device without activation.
    2.Make sure your device powered off, insert the sim card in correct direction then turn your device switch on and wait for a few seconds.
    Most manufacturers have our SIM card APN and internet settings pro grammed in their devices, if your device requires APN settings, please follow the steps below.
    3.Set APN: (check your device's manual on how to setup APN)
    4.APN settings:
    *APN: data641003
    *APN username: (none)
    *APN password: (none)
    5.Enable data roaming

    Remember ! Please KEEP your ICCID number and our website.
    You can check the data usage and status on the website.
    Plans: Check your data usage
    Orders: Check your plans
    FAQ: Message us