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4G Nationwide Network

You get premium wireless service on the nation’s largest 4G network

No Complex Activation

Just insert SIM card into unlocked device, That's it!

No contracts! No commitments!

There is never any contracts or hidden fee. Start and continue service when you want.

Flexible Cellular Plans

Top up your data plans as you go. That is right!

Device Support by EIOTCLUB SIM Card

Customer Frequently Asked

No need to register, just insert the camera, and your camera will have indications like voice or led-light shows of whether the SIM card is connected or not.

Check your SIM card if insert it on correct direction.

The most common fix for issues with data connection is simply turning your camera off and then back on.

You can also try removing and reinserting your SIM Card and re-identity the SIM card 

If you continue to experience issues, call customer support at [email protected] or chat with us.

Make sure that your new device has SIM card slot, and is unlocked

If you’re still not sure if your device can compatible with Eiotclub sim card, please send your device link to us, and we will check for you.

The sim card is in suspended which means your sim card data plan has been run out or expired, and you need to refill the data plan.

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