How to refill the plan?

    When you almost run out of you data plan, you can check the data usage and status, refill your sim cards on the page: 
    IoT SIM card recharge platform (

    ❗Important tips:

    To be sure not to influence any service interruptions, we suggest you REFILL your data plan before your current plan expires (24GB 360days Recommended)
    The SIM card will continue to work when you finish the refilling new plan.
    The expiration date is on the date when you run out of your current plan and the new plan will be in PLANS-Unused, and it will start when your current plan is used up or expires.

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    checking steps please refer to the screenshot below. Customer service will reply you within 12 hours.

    or Scan QR code to Refill

    Where is my SIM card number(ICCID)?

    Your SIM card number is located at the bottom of your SIM card, refer to the guide below: