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Eiotclub BizGlobeLink SIM Card: The Essential International SIM for Business Travel

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  • Wide Reach: Connect in 200+ countries tailored for the traveling professional.
  • 5G Speed: High-speed internet on-the-go for uninterrupted business activity.
  • Quick Start: Activate instantly—no complex setup.
  • Custom Data Plans: Select data packages to suit your work travel.
  • Prepaid Ease: No contracts, clear costs.
  • Compatible SIM: Fits multiple devices, facilitating smooth travels.
  • Easy Top-Up: Update your plan on the move.
  • Track Usage: Monitor data with our user-friendly app.
Triple Play Network Triple Play Network

AT&T / T-mobile

4G High-Speed Data 4G High-Speed Data

5G High-Speed Data

No Extra Fees No Extra Fees

No Extra Fees

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200+ countries

The best international SIM card for business travel

Imagine landing in a new country and your phone just works. No hunting for Wi-Fi, no surprise roaming charges—just instant connection. That's what you get with our Data-Only International SIM Card: uninterrupted internet across borders.



Prepaid international SIM cards cover 200+ countries/regions worldwide.



Seamless global connectivity guaranteed with major telecom partners at no additional cost.

Customer Service

Customer Service

A dedicated team ensures you find the perfect plan, offering support wherever you go.

Popular Countries (200+)

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Seamless 5G for Global Business

Experience seamless international business travel with our prepaid international SIM card. With fast and reliable 5G data in over 200 countries, stay efficiently connected across borders.

Flexible US & Global Connectivity

Select from our versatile prepaid international sim cards for coverage in the US and beyond. Tailored for travelers, our plans ensure smooth browsing and constant connection, whether you're stateside or exploring internationally.

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Multi-Device Compatibility

Enhance your travel experience with our international SIM card, offering seamless and hassle-free data connectivity. Perfectly compatible with a myriad of devices, it's the ideal solution for convenient and flexible internet access during your international travels.

Ease of Use & Functionality

Quickly activate and effortlessly manage your network. Our plug-and-play SIM card enables secure access and simultaneous connections across devices, ensuring uninterrupted data connectivity and browsing, regardless of your location.

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Easily top up online

Easily top up online

Enjoy the convenience of seamless connectivity with our online top-up services. Our user-friendly system allows you to quickly recharge your data plan from anywhere, at any time. With just a few clicks, you can ensure uninterrupted connection, keeping you online without disruption.

Round-the-Clock Customer Care

We offer 24/7 customer support to ensure you receive prompt assistance whenever needed. Our dedicated team is committed to addressing your inquiries and providing comprehensive post-sale assistance, ensuring a seamless experience with our prepaid hotspot plans.

Online Support Provided


A travel SIM card is a small, portable chip that can be inserted into a mobile phone, tablet, or other compatible devices. It allows users to access local cellular networks while traveling abroad, enabling connectivity at potentially lower rates than using their regular SIM card.

A travel SIM card allows users to access local cellular networks while traveling abroad, typically providing mobile data usage at potentially lower rates compared to using their regular SIM card. .

A travel SIM card is designed for use when traveling abroad and usually provides temporary, cost-effective access to local cellular networks in different countries. It allows users to access mobile data while avoiding high roaming fees. Conversely, a normal SIM card is typically used for domestic purposes and is associated with the user's primary mobile network provider, offering standard call, text, and data services within the user's home country. .

Purchasing a SIM card for travel allows access to mobile data services, enabling internet connectivity at potentially lower rates while traveling abroad. This facilitates staying connected, accessing maps, translation apps, and other online resources during travel without incurring high roaming fees. .

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Andrew G.

Great SIM, works with a spare android phone I have

Agus Muljo Hartono
Best for travelling

I tested it with Gl-inet puli router and work perfect but with manual apn setup instead automatic. So far so good ,it work on EU but i will test it again in asia later. Really recomend!

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