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    What is a EIOTCLUB IoT SIM card?

    Majority of IoT devices now require cellular technology means that if you own IoT devices you will need wireless plans those are safe and reliable.

    EIOTCLUB provides a variety of flexible wireless plans to meet your needs.

    No Contracts. No extra fees. No hidden fees. No activation fees.

    Most manufactures have our SIM card's APN and internet settings pro grammed in their devices, making it very easy to connect your device to the internet, the networks are very stable and fast enough.

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    In accordance with our EIOTCLUB partners, we design the right plans to meet your expectations for your IoT device in terms of data packages, expiration dates and additional device information

    Enjoy the savings—and peace of mind


    Just insert your IoT devices Without Activation!

    There are No overage fees, we provide a variety of data plans to meet your needs and you can check your usage at any time.

    EIOTCLUB gives you great coverage, coast to coast.

    Super Fast Coverage

    You'll get even better coverage as it intelligently switches between networks and millions of secure Wi-Fi connections. 

    Team up to become a EIOTCLUB

    The EIOTCLUB service is non-steering, which means that our IoT SIM card always connects to the fastest and strongest available network in your area. As IoT connectivity provider, the EIOTCLUB SIM is set to use Data(2G, 3G, 4G) Voice and SMS services are not supported.

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