Use EIOTCLUB quick refill service to replenish your account with a plan or add data.

You can also check your balance, see when your plan is set to expire, and more by logging in online to your EIOTCLUB account


Steps to Check on recharge platform


After renewal, the SIM card will resume service in several minutes, if not, please restart the device.

To avoid the service interruptions, suggestion you REFILL your data plan before your current plan expires

If you enter the wrong ICCID number, the payment won't recharge the payment successfully. If the payment was recharged, please contact us.

We accept below payment methods

• American Express

• China UnionPay (CUP)

• Discover & Diners

• Japan Credit Bureau (JCB)

• Mastercard

• Visa


Change your email address and change your payment card. Try a different payment method from the list of accepted payment methods,If you're still having issues,contact us.

Step 1: click
Step 2: Enter SIM card ICCID number
Step 3: Choose the plan you want
Step 4: check the “Automatic renewal”

Step 1: Visit:
Step 2: Enter SIM card ICCID number
Step 3: tap "orders" on the bottom
Step 4: toggle off the "Renewal"

Shared plan is a function that allows multiple sim cards to use one plan at the same time. Currently we have only released this feature in the EIOTCLUB APP, and all our cards can use this feature in the EIOTCLUB APP. Shared plan has different data quantity and expire date, and different card lines. Card lines means the maximum number of sim cards that can be bound to this shared plan. (For example, if a shared plan has 3 card lines, This means that up to 3 cards can be bound to this plan

Only sim cards of the same type can be added to one shared plan. For example, USA double network and USA triple-play network cannot be added to one shared plan. .

If the sim card has an normal plan that is activated and currently used, that normal plan will be canceled and the sim card will immediately start using the shared plan. If there is a normal plan in the card that has not yet been activated, that plan will be retained in the card and the card will start using the shared plan firstly..