Getting Started

Where can I buy a EIOTCLUB SIM card?
Can I keep my phone number?
Will my device work with EIOTCLUB?
How do I activate my EIOTCLUB SIM card?
How do I know if EIOTCLUB will work for me?

Rates & Plans

How do I choose a plan?
Can I share a plan across multiple lines?
Does this sim card have an expiration date?
Does this come with a phone number?
Where can I view my usage and manage my top ups?


Is EIOTCLUB available in my area?
Will my device get 4G LTE data?
What internationals plans does EIOTCLUB offer?

Common Issues

Why am I getting 'No Service' on devices?
Steps for Automatic ?
Why am I not receiving EIOTCLUB emails?
Why does the expire date not changed after renew ? 

APN Settings

What APN settings are needed with EIOTCLUB?
What should be the APN settings for my Android?
What should be the APN settings for my iOS?

Accepted payment methods

What payment methods accepted ?
Why can't I purchase plans?