The EIOTCLUB SIM kit is available for order exclusively online at our website, eiotclub.com. At this time, the SIM cards are not offered in physical retail locations.
Yes, you can retain your existing phone number when using our SIM kit; however, please note that our service is data-only and does not include voice calls or SMS functionality.
Absolutely!If your device is unlocked and sports a SIM card slot, chances are it's ready to team up with EIOTCLUB. We're proud to support an extensive array of gadgets across our networks—be it mobile phones, tablets, PCs, smartwatches, or even your furry friend's pet tracker. We've got your security cameras covered too, along with trail cams for capturing nature's candid moments, 4G routers for steadfast home connectivity, GPS devices to keep you on track, and car locators to safeguard your ride.
Activating your new EIOTCLUB SIM card is as easy as pie! Simply insert the SIM card into your device, Upon installation, give your device a quick restart to ensure everything is running smoothly.and you're all set to go—no additional steps needed. Should you encounter any bumps or need a helping hand, our friendly support team is just a click away.Or click the FAQ button on the website page for instant help. Welcome to hassle-free connectivity with EIOTCLUB!
At EIOTCLUB, we ensure that our SIM cards are universally adaptable. They come in 3-in-1 pre-cut formats (standard, micron and nano) to ensure a perfect fit for any device. Just settle on your device size selection.
A SIM card, which stands for Subscriber Identity Module, is a small smart card inserted into a mobile device. It stores user identity information for authentication and authorization on a mobile network, essentially allowing your phone or other devices to connect to the cellular network and access services like calling, texting, and data usage.
Certainly! For bulk purchases of EIOTCLUB SIM cards, we invite you to reach out via our email info@eiotclub.com. Just send us your request and our customer service team will swiftly get in touch to assist with your order and any inquiries you might have. We are here to make the process smooth and accommodating for your needs.
Yes, it's OK. You can also use SIM cards from other providers in other slots. This will not affect your EIOTCLUB service.
Diversity is key when it comes to meeting your customers’ data needs. That's why our plans are priced differently to suit different data usage requirements and duration preferences (from 30 days to a full year). Not sure which plan fits your lifestyle? Then start with what you want to try most. You can experience our services and upgrade at any time without paying additional service fees.
Each data plan has data limit and expiration date limit. For example: 24GB-360days. This data plan has 24GB which can last for 360 days. If the 24GB data was used up before the 360 days expire date, the data plan will expire. Or if the data has not been used up but the 360 days are up, the data plan will also expire. It's designed to give you ample flexibility with both a generous amount of data and plenty of time to use it.


EIOTCLUB provides you with links covering all parts of the United States, supporting AT&T & T-mobile &Verizon network services. And support for networks in 30 countries across Europe,ensures you'll stay connected at great speeds no matter where your travels take you. For detailed coverage information in your area, please feel free to contact our customer support team and we will assist you 24/7.
All of our SIM cards can provide 4G LTE connectivity to your device as long as your device is 4G LTE compatible and there is coverage in your area. If you are unsure about your device, please contact us and we will be able to determine if your device is compatible.
Yes, EIOTCLUB offers international SIM card services to help keep you connected while abroad. For more information on our global connectivity options and to tailor a plan that suits your international needs, please reach out to us directly at info@eiotclub.com.

Common Issues

Try powering off the device, wait 30 seconds, and then power it back on. If that doesn't help, try walking around or getting out into an open area to help your device regain signal. If you're still having issues, click here to chat with our support team.
To activate automatic renewal for your plan, follow these simple steps: 1.Visit our online shop at EIOTCLUB E-Shop. 2.Input your SIM card's ICCID number to access your account. 3.Select the desired plan you wish to have renewed automatically. 4.Tick the box marked “Automatic renewal”. Complete the above steps to automatically renew your plan!
If you need to cancel the automatic renewal of your service, here's what to do: 1.Head over to EIOTCLUB E-Shop. 2.Enter your SIM card ICCID number for account access. 3.Click on "orders" located at the bottom of the page. 4.Toggle off the "Renewal" option to discontinue the automatic renewal. Complete the above steps to automatically cancel your plan!
If you're missing out on emails from us, the first step is to double-check that the email address you provided on our website is accurate and free of typos. If you still can't receive it, you can ask our customer service team for help, and we will help you solve it as soon as possible.
You can download our official app to easily track your EIOTCLUB SIM card data usage by clicking the download link below. The EIOTCLUB app provides a range of functions, including monitoring SIM status, plan expiration time, data usage and billing, making it easier for you to manage your SIM card plan.

No, eiotclub.com and the Eiotclub app require separate accounts. They are distinct platforms within the eiotclub ecosystem, each designed for specific services and experiences..

APN Settings

When you activate the service with EIOTCLUB, all your APN settings are usually set automatically. However, if you're having issues with data, you need to check your APN settings to make sure that they're correct. please check your user manual about APN setting information.
On Android devices, you can check and adjust APN settings at: 1. Open the Settings app 2. Click on More Networks 3. Select a mobile or cellular network 4. Select the access point name 5. Click the menu icon and click the access point you want to check. If you want to add a new APN, please click "New APN" and enter the APN message, save the APN, and when done, restart your phone and try to use the service to confirm that the APN is set correctly.
To configure APN on your iOS device, follow these steps: 1. Open the Settings app 2. Select "Cellular Network" 3. Click "Cellular Data Options" 4. Select "Cellular" or "Mobile Data" 5. Enter the APN information provided by your SIM card in the corresponding fields Remember to check if there are available updates for your iOS and make sure you have the latest version. Once done, restart your phone and try using the service to confirm the APN settings are correct.

Accepted payment methods

We support American Express • China UnionPay (CUP) • Discover & Diners • Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) • Mastercard • Visa • link • Apple pay • Google pay • Bancontact • EPS • IDEAL • Przelewy24 • Sofort • SEPA Debit • Canadian Prepaid Authorized Debit Cards • Cartes Bancaires • Paypal. (Please contact support and let us know the ICCID number, the data plan you want to order and your Paypal email address and we will send you a payment request link. Once the payment is completed, we will top up your data.)
If you see this error message when making a purchase, try adding a different payment method. Try other payment methods in the list of accepted payment methods. If you still have problems, please contact our service team and we will help you solve it as soon as possible.
If you find that the EIOTCLUB SIM card isn't quite meshing with your needs, rest assured we offer a refund policy. Just reach out to our customer service team within the specified timeframe outlined in our terms and conditions, and we'll guide you through the process of returning the SIM card and obtaining your refund. Your satisfaction is paramount, and we're here to ensure a smooth resolution.
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