Eiotclub US & Canada Prepaid SIM Card
Eiotclub US & Canada Prepaid SIM Card
Flexible data plans
Extensive coverage
Support multiple devices
Plug & Play

Eiotclub US & Canada Prepaid SIM Card

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  • High Speed 4G LTE Data Prepaid SIM Card.
  • 100% prepaid SIM card. No contracts. No activation fees.
  • Triple cut. Compatible with a variety of IoT devices.
  • Easily renew online anytime.
  • Data service only, no voice or SMS.
  • Available in US and Canada only.
  • Professional team 24/7 online support.
  • Support Bell/Rogers/TELUS/Verizon/T-mobile/AT&T.
  • Data Only, Not support talk & text service(no phone number)
  • A new card with a service plan, not a data refill, valid from first use
Double Network Double Network

Six operators

4G High-Speed Data 4G High-Speed Data

4G High-Speed Data

No Extra Fees No Extra Fees

No Extra Fees


Extensive Coverage

Discover unparalleled tracking performance with our North American prepaid SIM card,
designed to tap into two of the largest carrier networks across the United States and Canada. Experience comprehensive coverage and seamless connectivity across both countries, guaranteeing uninterrupted tracking of your devices.

Seamless Connectivity

Seamless Connectivity

Enhance your online connectivity with the North America SIM Cards by EIOTCLUB. Enjoy the convenience of 4G LTE Data Only SIM Card that keeps you effortlessly connected to the internet, without any contracts, hidden fees, or roaming charges. Activate your SIM card hassle-free and relish uninterrupted online access wherever you go.

Exceptional Value

Enjoy the convenience of one card covering two countries with access to six different operators, all in a single North American SIM card. Experience high cost-performance and tailor your perfect plan with flexible package options. Customize the plan that suits your needs and relish seamless connectivity. Discover the convenience and cost-effectiveness of this all-in-one solution today.

Exceptional Value
Enhanced Device

Enhanced Device

Unleash the power of your 4G LTE devices with CA&US SIM. Our prepaid SIM card seamlessly integrates with a wide range of devices, including mobile hotspots, routers, LTE trail cameras, and 4G cameras, etc. Experience versatile connectivity options and stay effortlessly connected in various scenarios, maximizing your device's potential.

Device Compatibility Made Easy:

CA & US SIM ensures compatibility with any device through our 3-in-1 kit. With pre-cut SIM cards available in standard, micro, and nano sizes, you can easily select the perfect fit for your device. Activating your SIM is a breeze – simply insert it in the correct orientation, and you're ready to go.

Device Compatibility Made Easy

Family & Business Shared Plan: 10 SIMs, One Bill!

Get our all-in-one Shared Plan, tailored for US families and small businesses. Connect up to 10 SIM cards with one data plan, making it simple to keep everyone online. Enjoy streamlined billing and stay connected without the hassle. Perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle! Sign up now and simplify your mobile life!

Dedicated Online Support

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Through our dedicated online platform, we provide exceptional after-sales service. Our team is always available to address any questions or concerns you may have. Simply reach out to us and provide your inquiries along with the ICCID number of your card, and we will ensure to promptly offer helpful responses.

Online Support Provided

Support Multiple Devices

Our SIM card supports multiple devices, providing seamless connectivity for all your loT needs. Say goodbye to complicated setups and enjoy hassle-free monitoring. Stay connected and in control with our reliable service. Order now and experience the convenience of multi-device support.

PTZ Camera PTZ Camera

Security Camera

Bullet Camera Bullet Camera

Security Camera

PTZ Camera PTZ Camera

Trail Camera

4G Router 4G Router

4G Router

Tracker Tracker


Simple Activation

Insert the card into the device correctly Insert the card into the device correctly

Insert the card into the device correctly

Restart the device Restart the device

Restart the device

Activate successful Activate successful

Activate successful


A CA&US SIM is a prepaid SIM card designed for individuals who need reliable internet access in both the United States and Canada. It offers high-speed 4G LTE cellular data connectivity, allowing seamless data usage between the two countries. Whether for work or personal use, this SIM card provides a dependable connection for online activities across both regions.
Activation is easy! Simply insert the SIM card into your compatible device, follow the provided instructions, and your SIM card will be activated for use.
No, CA&US SIM is a data-only SIM card, so it does not support voice calls or SMS. It's designed to provide high-speed data connectivity for your devices.
No, CA&US SIM does not have any roaming charges. It is valid for use within the US and Canada only, providing cost-effective data usage.

You can easily renew your plan online at any time. Visit our website,
log in to your account, and select the desired plan for renewal. It's quick and convenient!

The validity period of CA&US SIM varies based on the plan you choose. Plans are available with different validity durations, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
jim Kaye
US/Canada Sim card

I have one camera set now in Canada with Sim card was so impressed with it I bought another camera & Sim card. I live in North Carolina & check my camp in Canada home 👍👍

Harald Mix
Trail Cam

Works very well so far !

Great Product

When I First Got The Sim Card I Immediately opened it up And It Was A Great Pick

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