Cellular Security Cameras

4G Cellular Security Camera: Experience Unprecedented Freedom and Monitoring

When Wi-Fi isn't reliable, 4G cellular security cameras become indispensable. They're ideal for locations far from urban hubs, such as farms or remote work sites, where internet access is scarce. These cameras are also perfect for temporary setups like construction sites where setting up Wi-Fi is impractical. Moreover, in case your home Wi-Fi fails, these cameras ensure uninterrupted security.

4G cellular security cameras utilize cellular networks to transmit video footage and send alerts to your cellphone without relying on Wi-Fi. Embrace unparalleled convenience and flexibility with Reolink top-notch cellular security camera systems—install 4G security cameras anywhere hassle-free, without cords or wires.

Reolink Go PT Plus offers seamless surveillance with its 4G LTE cellular network capability, ensuring operation even in areas without Wi-Fi or power. It features a 355° pan and 140° tilt range, covering every angle with precision. The camera boasts a higher 2K 4MP ultra-high-definition resolution for crystal-clear images and intelligent human/vehicle detection for enhanced security. Powered by either a rechargeable battery or solar energy, Reolink Go PT Plus provides a simple, secure, and flexible monitoring solution that's always ready to keep you connected.

Meet the Avstart camera – your all-in-one surveillance solution providing nationwide coverage without the constraints of Wi-Fi or traditional power sources. With its embedded data only sim card offering three years of seamless wireless data connectivity, alongside a high-capacity solar panel and an 8400mAh rechargeable battery, this camera ensures uninterrupted performance in any location.

Immerse yourself in crisp 2K/3MP UHD resolution with 355° horizontal and 90° vertical viewing angles to eliminate blind spots and achieve comprehensive coverage. Enhance your security with HD color night vision and two-way audio for clear communications. With an IP66 weatherproof rating, the camera withstands the elements and features instant alerts to keep you informed and in control.

Both Reolink and Avstart cellular security cameras are distinguished by their exceptional capabilities, providing immense value and ultimate reassurance. They stand out as ideal solutions for securing your residential or commercial property, catering to a wide range of security requirements.