SIM Card & GL-XE300 Global Router Bundle
Get 20% discount on all plans for 3 years with purchase of the SIM.
Access the Internet through Cable, Repeater, 3G/4G Modem, and Tethering for seamless connectivity.
Enhanced Security with Built-in VPN Functionality on Router
Essential travel package with US & EU coverage
SIM card and GL-XE300 global router package multiple scenarios application
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Eiotclub Travel Router with 24GB 360days SIM Card & GL-XE300 Global Router Bundle

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    SIM card:30-Day Easy Returns, 10 Year Quality Guarantee
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Tailored for those seeking affordable, contract-free internet solutions in Europe and the Americas, this product is designed to provide cost-effective connectivity options.

  1. Router Product Features: Featuring a Qualcomm quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor for powerful performance, with microSD card support up to 512GB storage capacity, equipped with a 24GB data-only SIM card, capable of transmitting 4G LTE signal to Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Security & Privacy: Enhance your online security with pre-installed OpenVPN and WireGuard, compatible with over 30 VPN service providers for added protection. Enjoy IPv6 support, advanced security encryption features, and firewall options to block potential network attacks, ensuring comprehensive security measures.
  3. Two Power Options: Wired charging and a built-in 5000mAh battery that provides up to 5-7 hours of battery life on a single charge.
  4. Dual Platform Management:Effortlessly manage connected devices on-the-go with GoodCloud, access real-time statistics.Track data usage and expiration dates via your EIOTCLUB account.
  5. Multi-device Compatibility: Supports a variety of operating systems, device types (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.), and offers both wireless and wired connections.


Portable WiFi router for multiple devices

Seamless Connectivity Anywhere

Stay connected seamlessly on-the-go with our Portable 4G Router. Certified by AT&T and T-Mobile, this device offers pre-configured simplicity, flexible carrier options, and multi-device connectivity. Perfect for home and travel, enjoy high-speed, cable-free internet wherever you are.

Uninterrupted & Protected Internet

Elevate your connectivity with our Travel Router, offering reliable internet access and robust security. Safeguard your smart home from cyber threats and enjoy instant 4G LTE backup during outages. Tailored for travelers and remote workers seeking reliable online protection, this solution ensures uninterrupted access and peace of mind.

Support 4G LTE backup
Portable router with stylish design

Compact Multi-User Design

Our sleek portable 4G router offers ultimate travel convenience. With dimensions of 120×74×28 mm and weighing just 223.5 grams, it effortlessly fits in your luggage. Supporting multiple connections, it's perfect for solo or family travel.

Secure and Stable Connectivity

The travel router ensures superior data security and stable connectivity, providing a reliable Wi-Fi signal for seamless browsing. With features like VPN support and firewall protection, your data is protected, giving you peace of mind when using our portable travel companion.

Portable router with VPN support and firewall protection
Effortless Network Management with AirLink & AMM Integration

Streamlined Network Management with AirLink & AMM Integration

Experience seamless network control with AirLink and cloud-based AirLink Mobility Manager (AMM). Get real-time insights and easy troubleshooting in one intuitive platform. Perfect for streamlined asset management.

Application Scenarios

Eiotclub Eiotclub
Eiotclub Eiotclub
Eiotclub Eiotclub


A travel router is a compact networking device designed for people who are often on the go. It allows users to create a private and secure Wi-Fi network wherever they are, whether in a hotel room, cafe, or any other location with an Ethernet connection. Travel routers typically offer features like portability, easy setup, multiple device connectivity, and sometimes additional security features such as VPN support to ensure safe browsing while traveling. They are convenient tools for individuals who need reliable internet access while away from home, providing a more secure and stable connection compared to public Wi-Fi networks.
A travel router is used to create a private and secure Wi-Fi network while on the go. It allows users to connect multiple devices to the internet using a single connection, providing reliable internet access in various locations such as hotels, airports, cafes, or remote work setups.
Yes, travel routers that utilize cellular connections for internet access typically require a SIM card. These routers are designed to work with mobile data networks such as 3G, 4G, or 5G, and the SIM card serves as the means to establish a connection to these networks. By inserting a SIM card with an active data plan into the router, users can access the internet while on the go, making these devices ideal for travelers seeking reliable connectivity outside of traditional Wi-Fi networks.
Yes, traveling with a WiFi router can bring many benefits. By bringing your own travel router, you can create a secure dedicated network for your devices during your travels, reducing the risks associated with using insecure public Wi-Fi networks. This ensures better protection for sensitive data transmitted over the network, safeguarding it from potential threats like hackers or surveillance. Moreover, having a personal WiFi router allows you to control network access, implement additional security features like VPN support or firewall protection, and ensure stable and reliable internet connectivity wherever you travel.
The primary purpose of a travel router is to provide mobile users with a portable networking solution that ensures secure, reliable, and private internet connectivity while on the go. Travel routers offer the flexibility to create a personal Wi-Fi network in various settings, such as hotels, airports, or remote locations, reducing reliance on potentially unsecure public networks.

The SIM card in our eiotclub contract phone is pre-installed within the device. Simply power on the device, and you can start using it immediately without worrying about the SIM card installation.

Yes, a travel router can function as a hotspot. Travel routers often have the capability to create a Wi-Fi network that multiple devices can connect to, similar to how a mobile hotspot works. By connecting the travel router to an existing internet source (such as a wired connection or a cellular data network), it can generate a private Wi-Fi network that provides internet access to devices within its range.

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