4G SIM Card for Security Camera, Support AT&T,  and T-Mobile Network
4G SIM Card for Security Camera, Support AT&T,  and T-Mobile Network
4G SIM Card for Security Camera, Support AT&T,  and T-Mobile Network
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4G SIM Card for Security Camera, Support AT&T, and T-Mobile Network

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Why Choose Our Double Camera SIM Card?

  • Support AT&T and T-Mobile network, enjoy switching freely.
  • Pre-cut SIM cards for all IoT devices.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with no contracts or hidden fees.
  • Simple configuration, just insert the SIM card.
  • APP online easy renewal.
  • 24/7 customer support, technical support anytime.
    Double Network Double Network

    Double Network

    4G High-Speed Data 4G High-Speed Data

    4G High-Speed Data

    No Extra Fees No Extra Fees

    No Extra Fees


    EIOTCLUB Prepaid SIM Card Network Support

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    Eiotclub Eiotclub
    Seamless Connectivity

    Seamless Connectivity

    EIOTCLUB offers secure and reliable SIM cards for security cameras, ensuring seamless connectivity in challenging environments. Stay connected to the strongest network and never miss a moment with our dependable solution.

    Plug and Play

    Experience instant connectivity with EIOTCLUB's plug and play IoT solution for 4G SIM card security cameras. Our user-friendly services simplify integration, ensuring hassle-free and reliable connectivity. Stay connected, stay in control, and enjoy seamless performance with our cutting-edge solution.

    EIOTCLUB's Trusted lot  Services

    EIOTCLUB's Trusted IoT Services

    Partnering with leading camera brands worldwide, EIOTCLUB delivers exceptional global IoT connectivity services. With a focus on security cameras, we provide reliable and optimized solutions, ensuring you never miss a beat.

    Reliable IoT Connectivity for Security Cameras

    Choose our extensively tested SIM cards for seamless connectivity with a wide range of IoT devices, including security cameras. Enjoy user-friendly and budget-friendly plans that can be conveniently renewed anytime, anywhere. Our SIM kit comes in three sizes (Standard, Micro, and Nano) to ensure compatibility with any device, particularly security cameras.

    Reliable loT Connectivity for Security Cameras

    Family & Business Shared Plan: 10 SIMs, One Bill!

    Get our all-in-one Shared Plan, tailored for US families and small businesses. Connect up to 10 SIM cards with one data plan, making it simple to keep everyone online. Enjoy streamlined billing and stay connected without the hassle. Perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle! Sign up now and simplify your mobile life!

    Reliable Support

    With our professional online ordering system and dedicated online customer support, we are committed to solving any issues you may encounter with your security camera SIM card. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need assistance. To better assist you, kindly provide us with your SIM card number (rest assured, it will be kept confidential).

    Online Support Provided

    Support Multiple Devices

    Our SIM card supports multiple devices, providing seamless connectivity for all your loT needs. Say goodbye to complicated setups and enjoy hassle-free monitoring. Stay connected and in control with our reliable service. Order now and experience the convenience of multi-device support.

    PTZ Camera PTZ Camera

    Security Camera

    Bullet Camera Bullet Camera

    Security Camera

    PTZ Camera PTZ Camera

    Trail Camera

    4G Router 4G Router

    4G Router

    Tracker Tracker


    Simple Activation

    Insert the card into the device correctly Insert the card into the device correctly

    Insert the card into the device correctly

    Restart the device Restart the device

    Restart the device

    Activate successful Activate successful

    Activate successful


    A SIM card in a security camera enables cellular connectivity, allowing the camera to send data over mobile networks. It provides remote access for live viewing, alerts, and data transmission, ensuring continuous surveillance even in areas without Wi-Fi.

    The amount of data required for a 4G security camera depends on factors such as video quality, recording duration, and frequency of motion events. On average, a high-quality 1080p camera can consume around 1-2 GB of data per day when set to continuous recording. However, many cameras have options for motion-triggered recording or lower resolution settings, which can significantly reduce data usage. It's recommended to check the camera's specifications or consult with the manufacturer to determine the expected data consumption based on your specific camera settings and usage patterns.
    Functionality: An SD card is a storage medium, similar to a portable hard drive or memory card. It is used to store videos, photos, and other data captured by the camera. On the other hand, a SIM card is an intelligent card used for connecting to mobile networks. It enables the camera to transmit data over cellular networks.

    Usage: The primary purpose of an SD card is to store and backup images and videos captured by the camera, providing temporary storage and offline access capabilities. Conversely, a SIM card is used for remote access, real-time monitoring, and remote control of the camera. Connecting to the mobile network lets you remotely view live video, receive alerts, and control the camera through a mobile application.
    Yes, security cameras can work on 4G networks. By using a SIM card with an active data plan, they can establish a connection to the 4G network, enabling remote access and monitoring through mobile apps or web interfaces. This allows for real-time video streaming and control, providing flexibility in camera placement and making it possible to monitor locations where wired connectivity is not available or reliable.
    A SIM card in a security camera provides cellular connectivity, allowing the camera to communicate with the cellular network. It enables remote monitoring of live video feeds and recorded footage, sending real-time alerts to the user's mobile device. The SIM card serves as a backup option, ensuring continuous surveillance during internet outages.

    If your camera requires cellular connectivity to transmit data or images, then yes, you will likely need a SIM card. Cameras that rely on mobile networks for remote monitoring, live streaming, or cloud storage typically require a SIM card to establish a data connection. However, cameras that use Wi-Fi or wired internet connections may not require a SIM card. It depends on the specific model and its connectivity options.

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    Travis Barton
    Great Network

    Worth every penny I have the cameras on these sims and they are working amazing

    Rick Weiberg

    4G SIM Card for Security Camera, Support AT&T, and T-Mobile Network

    Terry Richardson
    It works great so far.

    It was relatively easy to fill out the form.

    Charles Johnson
    Sim card

    I really like the SIM cards for my Reolink camera’s , now have three camera’s and will be going with a fourth shortly. It seems to look like a lot of money but to install electric and internet that is very pricey, so I’m very happy with 4 G SIM cards.

    Ricky Wright

    4G SIM Card for Security Camera, Support AT&T, and T-Mobile Network

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