How to delete EIOTCLUB App Account?

Delete Account
Steps to delete an account: Home->User info->Delete Account
After EIOTCLUB deletes the account, if we do not retain the data, we will not be able to log in. We need to register a new account to continue


The APN (Access Point Name) for a SIM card is the network identifier that allows your device to connect to a mobile network for data access.

When switching carriers, update the APN settings to connect to the new operator’s network servers seamlessly. If experiencing connectivity issues like slow data speeds, trouble sending or receiving MMS, or no internet access, resetting or updating the APN settings can resolve these problems. Should your device lack pre-configured APN settings, you can set them up manually, enabling your device to connect effectively to the carrier’s network.

You can check apn setting or reach out to eiotclub's customer service for assistance.