*Make sure your device is powered off, and insert the sim card into your device without activation. That's it!

**Make sure your sim card is in the correct direction then turn your device switch on and wait for a few seconds.

*Your device will report it is connected successfully, which means our card works well.

*If not connect successfully(usually it won't happen), but in case it happens, contact us for support

The Coverage Map in the USA and Europe

*EIOTCLUB runs on the nation’s strongest, most reliable wireless network. That means coast-to-coast coverage.

*Supports operators(AT&T & T-mobile &Verizon )in the United States, and support 30 countries networks in Europe.



*Make sure your phone is unlocked before you join us.

Most manufacturers already have our SIM card APN and internet settings programmed in their device. (please check your user manual about APN setting information