GPS Tracker Plans

    What is data plan for pet tracker ?   

    The majority of pet trackers now require SIM cards to achieve connectivity, meaning that if you own a pet tracker device you will need a wireless plan to be able to track and navigate.
    Whether your device is a trail camera, kid watch, or car locator, we provide a variety of data plans to meet your needs and you can check your usage at any time and add more whenever you need it.

    No contracts, No extra fees, No hidden fees, No activation fees, No data overage fees.
    Data Only, Not support talk & text (360MB for 360day Recommended)


    Follow your pet in real-time.
    Follow your vehicles to enter and/or exit a certain area.
    EIOTCLUB SIM card enables you to view your location from anywhere, anytime.
    Enjoy full peace of mind with live tracking and other features that can be accessed without any distance limit.